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    Download All of Mr.De''s Albums for free with your Membership. Electronicfunkyshit,Reniassance,HoliDe' Sol+Mind, and Exotik Electronix with Bonus tracks.
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    Welcome to Electrofunk 2.0 and the home of Electrofunk Records Inc. For $17.99 per month you can download our entire catalog (a $1000.00 value), and our recording sessions with unreleased music. Yeah! Or you can cherry pick our globally released catalog at the Electrofunk store.
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    Brand New Ghettotech Tracks EF's Back,Funny and Techno to Bob Your Head. We're Backkkk Download Now!!!!
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    No more worries about scratched Cds and picking threw tracks you really like on download sites Download our music and listen to the album in its original form. Click Here for our latest releases or choose the browse tab below.
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    Download all of our recording sessions and alternate versions..Shit you can request a alternate version. Click Here for our newest sessions our use the browse tab beneath.